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Let Greece take over.
Greece is a small southern European country located between Albania and
Turkey. It is essentially a mountainous area completely surrounded by the
Mediterranean Sea and is known for its profound history, scenic locations,
friendly locals and long hot summers. Mykonos is a famous spot in Greece
recognized for its picturesque beaches and party scenes. You can have amazing
food and drinks served here as the waves hit your feet and the sand becomes
your seat. Ionian islands have a number of popular destinations like the Corfu
island, also known as the emerald island, and the Zante island which is home to
the world-famous Navagio beach. Other than the party culture and beautiful
beaches, Zakynthos is known for the Carretta sea turtles and parks harbouring
various marine creatures. The country’s food is something you would grow
fond of, they make oil-based food and draw on traditional recipes with a twist.
The most intriguing thing is the number of hours spent in the kitchen to make
this food and the ability to bond over it. Then we have the Papafragas beach
and Caves, after Kapros, which consist of small sandy beaches that are off the
beaten path, this is another ideal landscape in Milos. The hovering rocks of
Papafragas pave a small gap to the salt-fine sandy shore which is an
extraordinary spot for clicking pictures. The Acropolis of Athens is definitely a
place for all the history enthusiasts who would love to see the place where
almost everything in ancient Greece seemed to happen and while you are at it,
make it a point to visit the Acropolis Museum. Cyclades islands make up some
of the most used locations for Bollywood movies, with its whitewashed houses
and narrow paths. The glamour of cliff-top monasteries and stunning mountain arrays can easily inspire a tour to Meteora. Then there is Kavala in the North of
Greece which has several 15th-century forts and castles, some of which even
hold cultural fests and performances over the year. All in all, Greece is a
beautiful place to be visited, remembered and cherished.

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