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That Bizzare Halloween

Aug 26, 2020 | 5 minutes read | 0 Likes

The day I stepped into my college's 'girls hostel', I never knew I would end up with a bag full of memories of every sort. Specially the strange, dramatic yet funniest Halloween ever.
So, the day was not very different, just usual like any other day. Our batch of second year students were barred from attending the hostel Diwali function, don't even ask why, we were not very famous for good conduct moreover the whole batch stuck together so eventually no one from second year went apart from participants and few others. We did miss on the function but our batch decided to celebrate our own Halloween and we planned that at midnight all of us would get dressed up and go to each and every room and do the usual trick or treat. That is the time when we all got excited with the plan and everyone started planning on getting dressed up. Though my roommates and I were not that interested but looking at everyone getting all dressed up we planned to get ready and go with others. Everyone got dressed up, a girl got too innovative and got dressed up as Jack Sparrow from Pirates of the Caribbean and she even had an alcohol bottle, don't ask where she got it from, we were in hostel, I hopes that explains itself, one got dressed up like Annabelle and I must say it was pretty much on point. Similarly, there were many who could pass the best ghost bar easily. I had no idea what to dress up like I slowly started putting make up and ended up looking like the giant in Jajantaram Mamantaram. Then I realized what a terrible idea it was when I could have just put some kajal and looked like I got punched, but no what a decision I taken lie any other life decisions of mine, there was no going back because there were others who looked scarier than me so I had company and didn't feel sorry. We all took a group picture till then almost everyone on the first floor, our seniors and our batch mates had seen us and a ruckus had already been initiated by our batch. Few of our batch mates were not interested so they decided to stay in their own rooms.
Then we went down stairs to our juniors we got split into two parties few went to rooms on one side of the lobby and few went towards the rooms near the mess area. That is when things went out of control. We all got driven in the moment and there was a huge commotion. All of us were shouting, laughing running here and there. Then the hostel Superintendent entered through the door, which connected the passage for first year's rooms and her room. We were all tensed and few rushed upstairs to their rooms and few were left behind in the rooms of our juniors. Everyone switched their lights off and pretended to be asleep. Wondering where I was? Yes, I was downstairs in one of the junior's rooms with few of my friends. The superintendent slowly walked up to the first floor and we were all scared to be caught in such weirdly dressed up manner. We slowly went up through the back door passage and washed our faces and went to our room but unfortunately she had caught few of us and was asking them whoever was involved but didn't get caught, so I had to go, I knew no one would have told her but we had to face the consequences together. The Superintendent clicked our pictures as a proof and that was when I came to know she had found the alcohol bottle near the stair case and on top of one issue about creating a huge disturbance in midnight, we were also caught for a bigger monkey business. Though one of us was spontaneous enough to tell that they had brought the empty bottle to paint for some project yet we weren't that lucky so she didn't buy our full proof excuse. She told us that she would inform this to the college director and we would have to write an application saying sorry and that if anything else would happen further we would be expelled from the hostel and we would have to call our local guardians and she wouldn't sign our clearance for admit card until we did as told.
It was like a cloud of sadness had fell on everyone. All of us told our parents then itself before it could get any worse, luckily our parents and local guardians didn't take it so badly so we were a bit relieved. But that day will always be remembered by all of us.

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