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Thirst of a foodie's soul

Dec 28, 2020 | 5 minutes read | 0 Likes

"Bhukhad ka pyasa man" is what would translate as the topic of this content."Is everyone missing the Delhi street food or is it just me?", this line pops in my head in a loop. All the things that I have been missing, going out with my friends, eating momos, riding yulu, going to India Gate and having cotton candy (which I was recently enlightened by my friend it is also called Budiya k Baal), roaming in conaught place and observing those tik tock makers in connaught high street, nights in Hauz khas where we hopped from one cafe to another for free shots in, free ladies nights and danced to latest pop beats, the laphing and Korean dishes we explored in majnu ka tila, near north campus, bowling in Yes Minister at Essex farms, going Sarojini market before 12 noon because why not, then we'd get better discounts, hogging food like gol gappe, parathe, choley bhature, pav bhaji chaap, tandoori chicken, in chandni chowk's lanes and paharganj , R.K. ashram's aloo tikki, samosa chat, noodles and chila. My taste buds are probably shocked that I haven't tasted anything junk in almost three months. The desert from Theobroma, when the chocolate in the pastry has an affair with the tongue, the burger from Burger king or Mc. D after a bad day in college with long unbunkable class, the cheese burst pizza from dominos and thin crust pizza from spezia, bistro in hudson lane, mac and cheese from big yellow door, xero degree's fries and mojito are what actually makes me believe that what people say "comfort food" is real deal. The mutton and biryani from Karims' and luchi aloodum from C R park and south indian dishes from sarvana bhawan in janpath, udupi in kamla nagar or andra bhawan near India gate, makes me feel like home every time. The boondi raita that choley kulche waley bhaiya gives by adding some crispy boondi on top of the glass of chilled raita, which is not even in from the freezer he just takes it out from a terracota pot, and nothing could ever quench the thirst better than that.
So many more food items that I might have forgot to mention because writing this makes me so overwhelmed I'm probably thinking about it but forgot to mention anyhow.
Delhi has made my foodie soul explore so much in just three years well my first year version wasn't so much of exploring kind but I evolved into this person who walks freely on the streets of Delhi, who now knows people are of all different types and each one is beautiful in their own way, that everyone has a perspective and sometimes it blends in with others and sometimes it separates like oil and water but apart from all these, their busy schedule and everything everyone has one thing that I have seen is common and that is love for food, food that touches the bhukkad soul deep inside you.

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Thirst of a foodie's soul

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