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How To Defeat Homesickness

Dec 28, 2020 | 5 minutes read | 0 Likes

After a certain age, we need to leave home for many reasons; be it for college or for a job, and then we feel a longing for something familiar and comfortable. Also even if someone is used to staying alone any sudden memory or thought can strikeout of the blue and remind them of home. After the suspense and good-byes, along with and the happiness and pressure of getting started in your new ‘home’, it eventually crashes you. You are alone now. Also, this loneliness can cause you not move out of the house and thereby not make any friends. Homesickness might affect emotional wellbeing and can cause anxiety and sleeplessness. Here are a few tips to overcome homesickness.

Explore at the first chance you get.
1) If need something in common with people you are going to meet or if you want to find people to mingle with the key is to explore what is around you. Finding cafes, malls, parks and even locating grocery stores can help you a lot. Discover the culture and history in your new “home away from home” is to understand the place better, this can also serve as the distraction from the memories.

2) Make friends at the first chance you get
Whether it is you first day at college or work, try to socialize as much as possible. Remember the other people are also interested in making friends, they might be away from their home as well or if they are locals, they might want to know how things are back at your home place. If you are an introvert, try conversing with at least one person who fits your vibe. You need a friend.

3) Keep in touch with people back at home.
They might be missing you as much as you are missing them. So instead of calling up only when you feel homesick, set a time to call every day. With the onset of technology, keeping in touch has become so much easier. Also until you settle, keep telling someone close to you how you feel every day, that way you can vent out your anxiety.
4) Decorate your new home or room

Add pieces and the part would make you feel home. Again, the entire decorating and moving process distract you from having thoughts about home.

5) Think about what you are gaining
Recall that how far you have come, and how much you have saved for the trip, the sacrifices, the time, and the struggles that you have made to make it come about. All this combined with the fact that you are already in place from where you can progress in life, should definitely help you feel better.
Homesickness should be treated as an initial turbulence in your voyage. It can be very sad that you wake up and realise you are away from your family, feeling this every day can make it harder. But keep reminding yourself who you are doing this and you’ll be fine.

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