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Aug 26, 2020 | 2 minutes read | 0 Likes

"We enjoy the journey more than the destination.”

This was the first time I went to another state. From Gujarat to Maharashtra I boarded in the Train from Ahmedabad to Pune. I reached Pune station. Heavy rain was going on still heavy traffic. The first experienced with the oxford of the east city “Pune” was unpleasant. I took the bus for my hostel where I was enrolled for my 1st year of PGDM.
I reached the hostel and only know one person because we were on the same telegram group, we talked on the phone that was how I know him just by voice. Later, I made good friends in the hostel which turned into family. We were 11 people in our group. we were planning for hangout, we searched on the internet like everyone does nowadays “different places to hangout in Pune” Hahaha. The first place came was Sinhagad, so we planned for the same. The question came into our mind “how to travel there?” All said by bike because nowadays every youngster loves to travel by bike. Then we visited different shops “where we will get the reasonable price bike on rent”.
In the end, we choose one rented bike shop it was very small. We doubt that shop because they did not have proper documentation for the bikes, and we needed 5 bikes. Somehow, the bike owner convinced us, and we took those bikes. But after a few minutes my two-friend caught up by police personnel because they drove on the wrong side as well as they did not wear a helmet also, they did not have all documentation for the bike. Police personnel demanded 2000 bucks for it. However, after half-hour discussion with them in the end they gave 500 bucks. Then we all were met in the night and we were making fun of them like every bachelor group does.
The next morning, the weather was very cool. we woke up at 5:00 am still we left our hostel at 7:00 am because every group has one or two lazy people who always late in every situation. So, we have a few people in our group as well.
Then we went for selfie click because “memories bhi chahiye na” But almost 10 minutes we blocked the road for just selfie purpose. People were looking at us like we were coming from another planet. Then we took breakfast and went for Sinhagad but on the road, my 2-friend met an accident and at the same time police personnel were there. We all said in our mind shit we didn’t have documents of the bike we all were afraid our heartbeat at a peak, but police personnel came and asked my 2 friend “are you well? and they leave the place ”. Then they both had taken first aid and our heartbeat came to normal. After a few minutes, we moved ahead for the Sinhagad we reached there. The atmosphere was very cold and stormy on the hill. we all had first time experienced that kind of atmosphere on the top of the hill only clouds were there. It was felt like “Jannat”. Then after having some snacks over their we returned to our hostel. Great experienced for me because of so many dramas happened in the trip, but still one the most memorable journey for me.

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