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AGRA - The Taj City

Aug 26, 2020 | 3 minutes read | 0 Likes

He had so many wives but he buried "her" near Yamuna river using the best of all white marble with best of all architecture maybe that is how he expressed himself.

Few months back me and my friends decided to go and visit Agra, though I had been there twice before, I was up for it after all it would be fun going with friends. After loads of planning and convincing each ones parents 9 of us girls were all set to have fun in Agra.
So skipping all the unnecessary details I would like to give you an itinerary with which you can rock your trip in two days like we did.
We took a train from New Delhi at the evening which took us to Agra. We crashed in a cottage like home stay which was in outskirts so we could experience village like and we did indeed. The cottage was like kacha house and had lalteen n all stuff. That night we listened to music smoked some green, danced and talked and dozed off. The next day, as usual we all have that one friend who takes the initiative and wakes everyone up and we all woke up and got ready to stay our day. We went to "Deviram's" to stuff some yummy 'bedai aloo' and 'jalebi' which was bliss in the morning and a lovely way to start the trip. After all nine tummies were satisfied we went to see well of course, Taj Mahal.
It was my third time visiting that place but its alway fun to look at its beauty and be proud that our nation has one of the eight wonders in the world. The architecture is mesmerizing and reflects so much on our rich history.
Then we rushed a bit since we had lots of places to cover and hurried towards Agra Fort which was amazing. The entrance had a slope with tall walls on both the sides and it was like walking uphill, then one of my friend told that they had built these type of entrances so that if some enemy enters the premises they would pour hot oil on the floor and it would prevent the entry. We walked in and saw 'Diwan-e-aam and Diwan-e-khas' and we all took time and appreciated the directors and art directors of the movie 'Jodha Akbar' for making it so realistic.
After that we went to see "Itmad-ud-Daulah" which the auto driver was adamant to call it 'baby taj' and when we reached we actually realized it was a smaller and was like downloading a lite version of Taj Mahal.
Then we went to see the 'Tomb of Akbar' and it was beautiful. looking at the beautiful craftsmanship and architecture I was awestruck.
Then we went to 'Mehtab Bagh' it was basically an exquisite and huge garden from where we could see the Taj mahal, it had a view, like at the end of the garden the Taj Mahal started.
Till this point we all were hungry so we went to a cafe and hogged some paste and pizzas.
Then we went to see 'Sikandra fort' because it was almost 3pm and we couldn't make it to 'Fatehpur Sikri'. I personally loved Sikandra Fort as it was beautiful and it had so many animals around like deer, different birds squirrels and just sitting there and looking at the monument and the garden was so serine and peaceful.
After sikandra fort we were all pretty tired but we decided to go to Sadar Bazar and luckily we went there we had amazing street food like tikki, gol gapppe, rolls, kulfi, chaat, infact sadar bazar had a whole gali called "chaat gali".
Well we got back to the home stay and went to sleep as we were all tired walking and touring all day and we had to catch train early in the morning. We couldn't make it to Fatehpur Sikri but if you want you can plan it for next day and plan a two day trip we couldn't as we had to return in a day everyone had classes, life of an undergrad student.
Long story in short we had loads of fun and made loads of memories which we all would cherish for life.

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