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Gobi Desert: Find solace in the sand.

Aug 26, 2020 | 2 minutes read

The Gobi desert can best be described as desert savannah which extends from southern Mongolia to northern China. Graced with historic sites, stunning views and plenty to do for tourists, it projects extreme temperatures, from the scorching heat in the day to the chilly nights. The flaming cliffs, ice valley and the forest of giant rocks are a few places to visit in this place. Though there are several blogs and pictures of this picturesque desert, the camera doesn't even come close to capturing its real beauty. See for yourselves what you are going to call the best sunrises at the slopes of sand and the best sunsets at the cliffs of flame. Then we have the nomads and the animals of the desert who have to constantly battle these rough conditions and yet have accepted this place as their home. They and their ancestors had been living in the Gobi desert for years herding a lot of animals like camels and goats. The incredibly fluffy two-humped camels could show you around the dunes and as there are really slow there is no need to worry about motion sickness. In the Gobi desert both the colour green of the grass and browns of the sand can be found on the same day. You can start the morning in endless plains, find yourself self trudging through a narrow canyon in the afternoon and end your day in some sparkly sand dunes. Imagine the amount of exploration you can do of both yourself and the nature, facing an endless steppe and sun falling in the horizon. Travellers who visit say that it's a wonderful place which provides a life-changing experience. A perfect treat for history buffs; whether you are into archaeology or palaeontology this is your go-to place. Climbing the sand dunes is hard, you have to take several tiny little steps. Huffing and puffing, wondering if you are even progressing, you reach the top to meet with an incredible sight and realise it was worth it. This is the place where stories are born, imaginations go wild, beautiful photos are taken and fearless humans originate. You can take a vehicle for the overall travel but there some places which need to be on foot. All the sweat, thirst and toil results in a string of beautiful memories with the vividly fascinating background of the desert. The land of blue skies and sprawling sands is the perfect place to find yourself.

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