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Personal Health during pandemic

Aug 26, 2020 | 5 minutes read

As we are now into lockdown 4.0, some of you might now feel like this is getting too. Your mind might slip into a latent phase due to lack of inspiration and your body might become lazier. These are times when we are stuck at home with minimum human contact. An empty mind is a devils workshop, so here’s how to be psychologically and physically sound during quarantine. ~ensure you are in a well-ventilated room and following basic self-care. This might be the first step to clear your mind and all the necessary thoughts. ~if you are well enough, exercise is really good for mental as well as physical well-being. Focusing on fitness, can also considered a hobby and now that you can exercise twice a day, why not just do it? Also if yoga or other traditional work out bore you, just play some music and groove to the beats. Sounds cool? Works even better. ~try to keep busy whether it’s chatting with your friends or learning something new. It’s a great time to catch up with long lost friends. Plan and set up a time for a video call or something to refresh those great memories. ~tell yourself ‘what i am doing is enough’. Be good to yourself as no one can right now. If you still don’t feel productive enough try indulging in some hobbies. Remember to treat yourself. ~if you still feel uneasy call for support with grief, anxiety, or mental well-being issues. Make your problem known as being silent is just going to make it worse. ~focus on the positives of the situation instead of tensing up. Believe is good. Instead of trying to concentrate on what we are missing, try to focus on what we are gaining. ~Don’t forsake your sleep and eat time. Set a time table and try to follow that pattern. Get a professional nutritionist if you can. ~Experiment; it’s indeed a great time for finding yourself, isn’t it? Maybe venture into the kitchen once or get those paints out. Whatever it is, try to have fun. ~Whenever you are feeling anxious a trip down the memory could do wonders. Go through your phone's gallery, slowly swiping through those photos reminding yourself that once this is over you can get back at life. ~Write about all the upsetting experiences and if possible even try to track the source of it. Who knows maybe this would make a great addition to your autobiography! ~ If you already have some furry friend in your house, great! But if you don’t look outside your window and try to observe any life form you see. It works like introspecting and is very relaxing. ~Groom your self. If you look best better will feel better, call in for a hairdresser or do some shopping to distract yourself occasionally. Get to and find yourself a personal trainer or hair dresser and find the joys of grooming. Mental health is serious and being vocal about it is highly important. If you feel upset or unsafe search up some relevant numbers on the web and call for help. Stay home. Stay safe.

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