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Best Street Food Joints in Kolkata

Aug 26, 2020 | 2 minutes read

Known as the culture capital of the country, Kolkata is known for its Benglali sweets and along with them, it is also famous for the tangy, mouth-watering street food. Here are a few joints that serve the best street food in Kolkata: 1. Vivekanand Park- Each puchkawala in the park makes the most delicious puchkas in the entire city. Puchkas are Bengali name for golgappes and are one of the most relished street food of the city. Find the best dum aloo puchkas in the park along with papri chaat and have a great evening with delectable chaat. 2. Zaika- This place is famous for their Kathi rolls, a dish invented in Kolkata. You will get the most lip smaking kathi rolls at this joint on the Park Street. You will get authentic vegetarian and non-vegetarian rolls at this famous joint. 3. Anadi Cabin- A must go-to place for non-vegetarians on the Jawaharlal Nehru Road that serves the best chicken keema paranthas and other Mughlai cusinie. These paranthas add a different touch to the exquisite street food. You must not leave any place to have the most appetizing street food of the city, it has a lot to offer!

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