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Snowboarding in India

Aug 26, 2020 | 5 minutes read

Seeking for any pleasant activities? Snowboarding will be the wonderful pleasant winter activity to Experience. It is an extreme adventure sport where one can be entertained. Snowboarding is a pleasuring activity and a sport where a person has to descend from a snow caped slope standing on a snowboard that will be attached to his feet. The growth and development of snowboarding was exhilarated by Skateboarding, Sledding, Surfing and Skiing. Snowboarding is an adventure sport which was developed in the United States in the 1960’s to 1970’s.Where one needs to balance on a slide board with completely covering your body with layers of woolen clothes to protect from the cold weather. In India, snowboarding and skiing are known winter sports which enthusiast are seeking to add small thrill to their life and get away from the hustle and bustle of the city. But enthusiasts are actually befuddle. They are confused between snowboarding and skiing they think it’s one and the same but it’s actually not. Skiing is more renowned and it’s well known but now more and more people are becoming snowboarding enthusiast. Till now, In India People don’t have recognition as it has not widely spread its mark. Although the adventure activity has received momentum as a rising phenomenon. The subcontinent in India offers endless opportunity for snowboarders to prejudice. The best time to visit such places is in winter that is from September to early march. As it has a pleasant weather in the winter. The everlasting experience place for snowboarding in India which should be on your list if you are looking for adventurous activities. These are the places to explore snowboarding in India:  Jammu and Kashmir  Himachal Pradesh  Uttarakhand  Sikkim There are few destination which will bring smile on your face! The snowboarding destinations in India are:  Munsiyari  Kufri  Auli  Dayara Bugyal  Mundali  Yumthang Valley  Phuni Valley  Patnitop Gulmarg: Snowboarding in gulmarg, through its smooth slopes, provides easy floating on the snowcapped mountains which attracts the enthusiast .The 7 th best destination for snowboarding is Gulmarg in Asia. So one should actually not miss this oppourtunity.It is located in Baramulla district and is known as the heartland of winter sports because of the scenic sights, photo spots and of course food. Solang valley: Solang valley is located 12 km from manali which is popularly known as solang Nala. The smooth slopes, snowy landscape, Lush green fields, weather and fine climate with fluffy white clouds which definitely adds beauty and makes the place better for the travelers from different parts of the country. Pahalgam: Pahalgam is known for its ideal spots and breathtaking sites of snowy mountains. Skiing, Snowboarding, paragliding, and other winter sports are well known and has made pahalgam popular among adventure freaks and nature lovers. The environment is extremely good that already people are unburdened from all the exiting problems of their life. Rohtang: Rohtang which is located near Manali. Which is known for majestic valley and snowy mountains and is awesome place. It is one of the best place in India which attracts the enthusiasts and adventure freaks from all over the country for snowboarding. The beautiful view of natural scenery enthralls people towards the destination. A life without adventurous sport is Tiresome and boring! The most pleasant way of savoring the beauty of Snowy Mountain is snowboarding. “Snowboarding activity is privilege for enthusiasts. With glovesin your hand and snowboard on your feet there is No limit. You can do Everything and go Everywhere. This is not just for professional riders. It is for everyone”.

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